Colestock & Muir Architects, P.A. have become South Florida’s most respected and sought after residential design firm since 1997.

The unified talents of licensed Architects Robert Jay Colestock and Mark Allen Muir have created an impressive collection of awards, publications and universally acclaimed residential designs.

A family of enthusiastic and appreciative clientele spotlight the most prestigious communities along the Florida coast. From ocean front estates to exclusive yacht, golf , and equestrian communities, CMA prides themselves on their personal service and one on one attention to detail.

Proficient in current LEED and energy efficient technology, construction methods, and design sustainability, Jay and Mark enjoy teaming with their clients and guiding them towards their own successful project.

Understanding that an amazing design and celebrated final product means less without the enjoyment of a smooth and proficient Design and Construction process. Let CMA work with you to ensure a wonderful experience while creating the home of your dreams.